Alain, Stade Joseph-Marien in Brüssel, Belgien


Alain besuchte sein erstes Spiel von St. Gilloise mit 6 Jahren.
Nach dem Spiel habe ich ihn nach den Fangesängen gefragt. Er hat mir Folgendes geschrieben:
Allain has been a supporter since the age of six.
Due to my curiosity, I asked him about the chants after the match, to which he replied with the following:

»The official song played before every game at home is called officially ‚Le chant des goals‘. You can find the text on the internet or Union website I believe.
The song is also on YouTube.

I think the first song (love for the Union colours – it has no official title) you are referring to goes like this:

Bruxelles ma ville, je t’aime
Je porte ton emblème
Tes couleurs dans mon cœur
Et quand vient le weekend
au Parc Duden
Je chante pour mon club
Allez l‘ Union
Oh hohooo…

The second one goes like this: it’s more like a ‚drinking‘ song from a café , we sing it when the team needs to stand firm or has to come back in the game like ‚we don’t give up.‘

Song: on reste au bar / we stay at the bar

On reste au bar
On tient se putain de contoir
Et on va continuer à boire

Et on va chanter
Sans jamais rien lâcher
Allez allez allez USG

As a third I would mention the ‚Attack‘ song. Where one guy shouts the phrase and the others repeat it shouting
These 3 songs are unique USG songs

It goes like this.

1 ‚Attaque‘ – Is repeated 2 times
2 ’nous sommes les Saint Gillois‘
3 ‚et nous allons gagner‘
4 ‚allez l’Union‘
5 ‚allez Saint Gilles‘
then all together sing a ‚ Lala lala lala … ‚tune«

Vielen Dank Alain!!
Many thanks Alain!!